About Us

About us

Welcome to gotravelindonesia.com. This is a new website about Indonesia tourism; fresh content is being added all the time, so please bookmark us.

The two of us have enjoyed living in Indonesia for several years. We know Indonesia is a very misunderstood tourist destination, so we decided to create this website to show people what a wonderful travel experience Indonesia really is. It’s our way of giving something back to the country that has given us so much.

Our goals for this website are to:

  • Provide top quality of information about Indonesia tourism.
  • Encourage people to visit Indonesia.
  • Seek out providers of quality tourist services in Indonesia.
  • Highlight Indonesia’s beauty, and diversity.
  • Provide an enjoyable Web experience for website visitors.


We hope you enjoy perusing the site, and find the information you need to make your travels in Indonesia more enjoyable. Or, if you have never traveled Indonesia, perhaps what you see here will encourage you to give it a go.



Hi, I’m Glenn – I’ve been having an adventure of a life time for the last 10 odd years in Indonesia. What you will see and experience here cannot be felt by mere words, so I suggest that you start packing and get to this land of wonder. Some places that I strongly recommend experiencing are: Lake Toba, Sumbawa and Makassar. Get involved, grab a mountain bike, canoe, rock climbing boots and really feel this vacation come to life! Enjoy traveling Indonesia.




RobHi I’m Rob – I’ve been living in this wonderful country – Indonesia, for seven years now. I currently work as a teacher here in Jakarta, and in my spare time I get out on my mountain bike and discover new trails among tea plantations of West Java. Check out our Indonesian Bicycle Adventures. Travelling has been in my blood for over 15 years and it is a great adventure that I hope will continue for many more years to come. Some places I highly recommend visiting while you are here are: Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, and of course not forgetting Indonesia's jewel - Bali. Come and experience Indonesia.




Thank you for visiting gotravelindonesia.com. We hope we have met your expectations of what a website should be. Please bookmark us, follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, and come back often. We are always adding new information, stories, videos, and photos.


Kind Regards,

Rob and Glenn